More than just an Award

Operating under our Coresteel umbrella, we recently had the privilege of taking six Graphics and Design students from Craighead Diocesan school on the inaugural Coresteel Innovation Tour.

"As part of our association with Coresteel Buildings, we are pleased to offer the Coresteel Innovation Award to local secondary school students" says Heather Harding, Marketing Manager for Coresteel South Canterbury.

Wanting to do more than just present an award, the team from Coresteel South Canterbury decided to offer an "Innovation Tour" of different local businesses that utilise innovative approaches to enhance their service offering. 

"We wanted the students to understand that innovation is about far more than just technology - it's a way of thinking," says Harding. "These businesses value innovative problem solving approaches. One common thread in all the presentations was that 'failure' is nothing to fear - it's actually a necessary part of the refinement process when developing ideas."

Feedback about the tour had been overwhelmingly positive with students, teachers and businesses all in favour of including more schools in the future.

"We have always intended that the award would be open to the wider school community, but first wanted to test it out on just one school" says Harding. "Our thanks must go to the staff from Craighead for all their help and support refining the award and tour process."

The award winner will be announced in Term 4.