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Health and Safety Policy Statement


At Harding Construction, we believe:

* All incidents are preventable.
* No business objective will ever take priority over the health and safety of our people, contractors or members of the public.
* All staff and contractors have a responsibility to stop any job they believe is unsafe or cannot be continued in a safe manner.
* All staff and contractors have a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and their workmates.

Our vision is that, together with our people,
“We will create an injury and illness-free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.”

Our commitment will be demonstrated by:

  1. Ensuring our directors, managers and supervisors demonstrate leadership and commitment to the vision.

  2. Taking all practicable steps to effectively control hazards within the workplace through proactive identification of new and existing hazards, risk assessment and monitoring to ensure continuing effectiveness.

  3. Providing and maintaining a safe work environment including work conditions, safe plant and practices and procedures for all our people, visitors and contractors who come into contact with the company.

  4. Complying with all applicable regulatory requirements as a minimum and other applicable documents such as standards, codes of practice, and industry best practice.

  5. Utilising the company Health and Safety Management System to develop and implement specific standards of health and safety for our people, visitors and contractors to follow at all times.

  6. Striving to continuously improve workplace health & safety by setting health and safety objectives, plans and performance measures and regularly reviewing progress against the targets set.

  7. Fully engaging all our people in safety management through ongoing consultation, active contribution and regular review of this system.

  8. Ensuring all incidents are promptly and accurately reported and investigated to identify root causes, and steps initiated to close any gaps.

  9. Where illness or injury occurs as a result of a workplace incident, help our people to achieve full recovery through prompt treatment, active rehabilitation and whenever possible an early return to work.

  10. Placing on our people, visitors and contractors a duty of care to work in a safe manner, to report health and safety incidents and to correctly follow safe systems of work.

  11. Maintaining comprehensive and effective plans for emergencies.

  12. Ensuring all contractors are aware of our health and safety requirements, and that they are appropriately managed.

  13. Ensuring all our people are properly trained and supervised.

  14. Allocating equipment and resources to meet the commitments of this policy.

This signed statement of policy will be displayed at all work locations. It confirms our commitment to making the company's workplaces safe and healthy for all.

Simon Harding.
Managing Director


Health and Safety at Harding Construction

Health and Safety Award

Health and Safety Award

At Harding Construction we place Health and Safety foremost in our business practice. 

We pride ourselves on our rigorous Compliance and Health and Safety procedures and insist on the highest compliance standards from all our sub contractors. Our Site Safety and Risk Assessment and Management systems are designed for the ultimate in work-place safety. We have an excellent track record and are working towards achieving ACC Accreditation. 

We value our staff and take great care to ensure their safety, well-being and job satisfaction. Our Compliance Team is actively involved in company Health and Safety policy and development. We recognise individual  excellence with a monthly Health and Safety award presented to a staff member who has demonstrated sound and consistent health and safety practices.