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Company Culture

Why do we do what we do?

At Harding Construction, we love building things - building dreams, building pride, building communities, building the future. The buildings we construct will stand for years to come, each one a testament to someone's vision, effort and commitment to tomorrow. 

We are proud to make that happen.

The Harding Construction company culture is based on 3 simple goals: On time, On budget, No surprises. Our clear values base incorporates accountability, integrity, growth and a focus on people. All company activity is measured against those goals and values. This ensures successful project management and delivery as well as effective in-house operations and a positive work environment. 

Harding Construction won the Best Company Culture Award at the 2017 ActionCOACH Asia-Pacific Business Excellence Forum and Awards in Australia. The judges commented on our effective systems, policies and procedures. These include looking after and developing our staff and work environment, plus ensuring we deliver consistently high quality service to our clients.

The award affirms that we are doing great things, have a great team, and offer employees a great place to work. That's gold.

Harding Construction's Values

We take responsibility for our actions.

We never compromise on quality or service.

We always look for ways to improve.

We value our customers, colleagues and community.