Get a building you'll be proud of

Harding Construction as Main Contractor
At Harding Construction we have the people, skill, experience and systems to competently deliver projects from design to completion on time and within budget.

Our expert team provides a complete service for commercial, industrial and residential projects, including renovations and alterations.

We provide clients with detailed, up-to-date information throughout each project. We follow a process of thorough consultation to deliver comprehensive planning, monitoring and timely delivery of each job.

Project Management
Our Project Management Systems have been developed and refined to ensure optimum administration of the programme and that information is passed seamlessly between all concerned. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance system guarantees that all project and regulatory requirements are fully met. We take pride in our effective construction management systems.

Site Management
Each Harding Construction construction site has a dedicated Site Management Team that meets regularly to plan and implement the programme and co ordinate between the different trades.

Quantity Surveying and Tendering
With our own qualified Quantity Surveyor on staff we are able to do all our own quantity surveying, estimating and tendering in-house. This enables us to present thorough, accurate quotes and tenders efficiently, with no wait time.