Young Enterprise

Harding Construction provided business mentoring for the "Upbeat Wines" 2016 Young Enterprise team from Timaru Boys High School.

The team investigated several product and marketing ideas before deciding to manufacture their own stylish wine-holders. They had to research similar products, develop a design that would work with different bottles, source their materials and then manufacture their product themselves.

"We started off thinking we'd make garden planter boxes from old wine barrels, but soon realised these would be costly to make and would probably have a limited market." said Sam Taylor, Marketing Manager for Upbeat Wines. "We still liked the idea of making a wooden product. The wine bottle holders appealed because we could make them ourselves from easily sourced products, and we anticipated they would appeal to a wide range of people. They are especially good as gifts." 

Heather Harding, of Harding Construction worked with the team for several months, helping them develop their product and marketing strategy. "I really enjoyed working with the Upbeat Wines team," says Heather. "They had some great ideas and were keen to make a success of their venture. I'm sure they'll all go on to do great things in the future."

It's not too late to place an order if you'd like a wine holder! Just let us know and we'll put you in touch with the team :)

From top left to right is Hamish Murdoch and Hunter Webb and bottom left to right is Sam Taylor and Marcus Shillito.

Harding Construction in Business Excellence Awards

We are proud to say Harding Construction was a finalist in the Emerging Business category of the 2016 South Canterbury Business Excellence Awards.

These prestigious awards recognise and celebrate business excellence, playing an important role in promoting and strengthening economic development in the region. 

"We were delighted to get this far" says Heather Harding, General Manager and co-owner of Harding Construction. "The BEA entry process requires a lot of strategic analysis and planning. To have been twice-recognised at the Master Builders Commercial Project Awards and to make the BEA finalists in the same year is pretty special."

Entrants benefit from significant local media coverage, with category and supreme winners able to leverage their success in on-going advertising and communications activity well past the immediate event period. In addition to the benefits for businesses, the awards play an important part in lifting the overall profile of South Canterbury, raising awareness of our business sectors for the economic benefit of all South Cantabrians

Heaven for Hell

Harding Construction completed the fitout of the new Timaru Hell Pizza premises in July, 2016.

The Challenge

The new restaurant not only had a specific brand standard to achieve, but also required installation of specialised kitchen equipment that had to fit in a relatively confined space.

"It was important that all areas of the restaurant were finished to a high standard, not only reflecting the Hell Pizza brand but also ensuring maximum efficiency in all work spaces," says Simon Harding, Construction Manager for Harding Construction.

Some items took up more space than the plans had allowed for, so the team had to make adjustments once everything was on site and actual measurements could be taken.

Mr O, the proprietor, had a set budget and a set deadline for opening. It was imperative that all work be completed on time and on budget to meet these goals.

The Solution 

Hell pizza kitchen.jpg

"Saving a few centimetres here and there made a big difference" says Harding. Our main issue was that the fridge door hit the extractor hood in the kitchen when it opened. By adjusting the hood we were able to ensure that the fridge door could open freely and avoid damage to either piece of equipment."

Hell pizza inside small.jpg

The Result

Hell Pizza Timaru opened to flocks of enthusiastic customers on the due date. All equipment was installed without fuss and the fitout looked great. 

Mr O was effusive in his praise, "Our thanks to Harding Construction.You are professional and client focused. You gave lots of good advice to save us costs. The most important thing for us was that our project was finished within the set time scheduled." 


Hell pizza inside2.jpg